Take your pool from zero to sunny.

We are your go-to source for all pool renovations. We can outfit your existing pool and surrounding patio or decking with various upgrades or make the necessary repairs to get your pool back in peak condition. The only problem you will have after a renovation is picking out a swim suit.

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Most Common Pool Renovations

Replacment of Steps

Many times, the steps within a pool will become stained or aged. This can become a site for sore eyes. We can replace your stairs or add stairs to your pool.

Depth Adjustment

It has become increasingly more popular to fill in the deep end of an existing pool to make a shallow lounge pool.

Patio & Pavers

Settling of dirt beneath can cause your concrete to crack, bricks to become uneven or your decking to warp. We can level the ground and fix cracks or lay new pavers.

Rail Replacement

Old railings for pool entries and exits can age or become loose over time. There are also new options that can elevate the appearance.

Waterfalls & Fountains

Making an aesthetic change can feel like getting a new pool. We can add custom stone waterfalls, fountains or LED bubblers.

Pump & Heating Repair

While not as visible as the pool, the pump and heating equipment are critical.

And Many Others

Don't see the renovation you're considering? Contact us and we will gladly answer any questions. We are able to make nearly any renovation to your pool, and if we can't, we'll point you in the right direction.

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